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(Interpretation and supplementation of the Principles)

(1) In the interpretation of these Principles, regard is to be had to their international character and to their purposes including the need to promote uniformity in their application.
(2) Issues within the scope of these Principles but not expressly settled by them are as far as possible to be settled in accordance with their underlying general principles.

# Cases
 1 Interpretation of Principles
  1.1 Interpretation of Principles distinguished from interpretation of contract
  1.2 Consideration of international character of Principles
  1.3 Need for uniform application of Principles
  1.4 Purposes of Principles
 2 Gaps in Principles
  2.1 Matters governed but not expressly settled by Principles
  2.2 Matters excluded from scope of Principles
Country # Cases  
Arbitral Award 2  
  2.3 Methods for filling in gaps
   2.3.1 Recourse to basic ideas underlying Principles
1 Examples of such basic ideas
   2.3.2 Recourse to other general principles of law
   2.3.3 Recourse to domestic law
Total: 3

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