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  (1) If the seller is bound to refund the price, he must also pay interest on it, from the date on which the price was paid.

(2) The buyer must account to the seller for all benefits which he has derived from the goods or part of them:

(a) if he must make restitution of the goods or part of them; or

(b) if it is impossible for him to make restitution of all or part of the goods or to make restitution of all or part of the goods substantially in the condition in which he received them, but he has nevertheless declared the contract avoided or required the seller to deliver substitute goods.

# Cases
 1 Accounting for benefits in case of restitution
  1.1 Seller's obligation to pay interest on refunded price
Country # Cases  
Arbitral Award 5  
Belgium 1  
China 1  
France 2  
Germany 3  
Italy 2  
Russian Federation 2  
Spain 2  
Date Court
29.03.2005 Juzgado de primera instancia - Tudela
22.05.2006 Juzgado de Primer Instancia, n. 3 de Badalona
Switzerland 3  
Republic of Korea 1  
Poland 1  
  1.2 Buyer's obligation to account to seller for benefits derived from goods
Total: 27

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