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  (1) Avoidance of the contract releases both parties from their obligations under it, subject to any damages which may be due. Avoidance does not affect any provision of the contract for the settlement of disputes or any other provision of the contract governing the rights and obligations of the parties consequent upon the avoidance of the contract.

(2) A party who has performed the contract either wholly or in part may claim restitution from the other party of whatever the first party has supplied or paid under the contract. If both parties are bound to make restitution, they must do so concurrently.

# Cases
 1 Consequence of avoidance (termination)
  1.1 Parties released from all obligation under contract
   1.1.1 Provisions for settlement of disputes
   1.1.2 Provisions governing rights and obligations of parties upon avoidance (termination) of contract
  1.2 Restitution of what has been paid or supplied to other party
Country # Cases  
Arbitral Award 2  
Austria 1  
China 1  
Denmark 1  
France 1  
Germany 9  
Russian Federation 1  
Spain 1  
Switzerland 1  
Republic of Korea 2  
Poland 1  
Slovenia 1  
   1.2.1 Place and expenses
   1.2.2 Contemporaneity
   1.2.3 Relation between domestic law and claim for restitution
  1.3 Right to claim damages not impaired
Total: 34

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