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  A party who relies on a breach of contract must take such measures as are reasonable in the circumstances to mitigate the loss, including loss of profit, resulting from the breach. If he fails to take such measures, the party in breach may claim a reduction in the damages in the amount by which the loss should have been mitigated.

# Cases
 1 Obligation to mitigate damages
  1.1 Adoption of measures reasonably necessary to limit loss
Country # Cases  
Arbitral Award 8  
Austria 1  
Belgium 1  
China 1  
Finland 1  
France 1  
Germany 10  
Date Court
22.09.1992 Oberlandesgericht Hamm
14.01.1994 Oberlandesgericht Düsseldorf
25.08.1994 Landgericht Düsseldorf Kammer für Handelssachen
15.09.1994 Landgericht Berlin
08.02.1995 Oberlandesgericht München
23.06.1995 Amtsgericht München
28.02.1997 Oberlandesgericht Hamburg
25.06.1997 Bundesgerichtshof
02.09.1998 Oberlandesgericht Celle
30.07.2001 Landgericht Braunschweig
Netherlands 1  
Spain 1  
USA 1  
Belarus 1  
Poland 1  
   1.1.1 Right to reimbursement for associated expenses
  1.2 Reduction of damages by amount of mitigable loss
Total: 43

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