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  If the contract is avoided and if, in a reasonable manner and within a reasonable time after avoidance, the buyer has bought goods in replacement or the seller has resold the goods, the party claiming damages may recover the difference between the contract price and the price in the substitute transaction as well as any further damages recoverable under article 74.

# Cases
 1 Damages in case of avoidance (termination) and substitute transaction
  1.1 Injured party's right to make substitute transaction
  1.2 Difference between contract price and substitute transaction price
Country # Cases  
Arbitral Award 3  
Argentina 1  
Australia 1  
Austria 1  
Belgium 2  
Denmark 2  
France 1  
Germany 6  
Italy 1  
Netherlands 1  
Russian Federation 1  
Spain 4  
Switzerland 2  
USA 1  
Republic of Korea 2  
Date Court
19.12.2008 Seoul Central District Court
23.07.2009 Seoul High Court
Poland 1  
  1.3 Other damages recoverable under Art. 74
Total: 41

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