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  (1) If the buyer is not bound to pay the price at any other particular place, he must pay it to the seller:

(a) at the seller's place of business; or

(b) if the payment is to be made against the handing over of the goods or of documents, at the place where the handing over takes place.

(2) The seller must bear any increase in the expenses incidental to payment which is caused by a change in his place of business subsequent to the conclusion of the contract.

# Cases
 1 Place of payment of price
  1.1 According to the contract
  1.2 Seller's place of business
   1.2.1 Change in location of place of business after conclusion of contract
  1.3 Place of handing over of goods or of documents
  1.4 Other cases
 2 Place of other payments
  2.1 Payment of damages, penalties, restitution, etc.
 3 Place of payment and jurisdiction
Country # Cases  
Austria 5  
Belgium 4  
Canada 1  
Denmark 3  
Finland 1  
France 8  
Germany 15  
Italy 8  
Netherlands 6  
Russian Federation 1  
Spain 2  
Switzerland 4  
Date Court
18.01.1996 Schweizerisches Bundesgericht
03.12.1997 Zivilgericht Kanton Basel-Stadt
08.04.1999 Handelsgericht Zurich
11.07.2000 Schweizerisches Bundesgericht
Total: 70

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