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  Where a contract has been validly concluded but does not expressly or implicitly fix or make provision for determining the price, the parties are considered, in the absence of any indication to the contrary, to have impliedly made reference to the price generally charged at the time of the conclusion of the contract for such goods sold under comparable circumstances in the trade concerned.

# Cases
 1 Open-price contracts
  1.1 Formation of contract governed by Convention
   1.1.1 Relation between Arts. 55 & 14(1)
  1.2 Formation of contract governed by domestic law
 2 Determination of price
  2.1 Price generally charged at time of conclusion of contract for goods of same type
Country # Cases  
France 1  
Germany 3  
Date Court
10.10.2001 Oberlandesgericht Rostock
15.09.2004 Oberlandsgericht M√ľnchen
03.08.2005 Landgericht Neubrandeburg
Switzerland 2  
  2.2 Other methods
Total: 8

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