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  (1) The buyer must examine the goods, or cause them to be examined, within as short a period as is practicable in the circumstances.

(2) If the contract involves carriage of goods, examination may be deferred until after the goods have arrived at their destination.

(3) If the goods are redirected in transit or redispatched by the buyer without a reasonable opportunity for examination by him and at the time of the conclusion of the contract the seller knew or ought to have known of the possibility of such redirection or redispatch, examination may be deferred until after the goods have arrived at the new direction.

# Cases
 1 Buyer's obligation to examine the goods
  1.1 Proper examination of the goods
  1.2 Timely examination of the goods
   1.2.1 As soon as practicable under the circumstances
Country # Cases  
Argentina 1  
Austria 1  
Belgium 4  
Denmark 1  
France 2  
Germany 17  
Italy 1  
Netherlands 8  
Date Court
19.12.1991 Arrondissementsrechtbank Roermond
17.06.1997 Gerechtshof's Arnhem
15.12.1997 Gerechtshof's Hertogenbosch
20.02.1998 Hoge Raad
27.04.1999 Hof Arnhem
20.01.2000 Rechtbank Rotterdam
16.01.2009 Rechtbank Breda
11.02.2009 Rechtbank Arnhem
Switzerland 4  
Poland 1  
Slovakia 1  
   1.2.2 At later time
2 Sale involving carriage of goods
10 Sale involving redirection in transit or redispatch by buyer
Total: 82

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