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  (1) If the seller, in accordance with the contract or this Convention, hands the goods over to a carrier and if the goods are not clearly identified to the contract by markings on the goods, by shipping documents or otherwise, the seller must give the buyer notice of the consignment specifying the goods.

(2) If the seller is bound to arrange for carriage of the goods, he must make such contracts as are necessary for carriage to the place fixed by means of transportation appropriate in the circumstances and according to the usual terms for such transportation.

(3) If the seller is not bound to effect insurance in respect of the carriage of the goods, he must, at the buyer's request, provide him with all available information necessary to enable him to effect such insurance.

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 1 Sale with carriage
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Spain 1  
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12.02.2002 Audiencia Provincial de Barcelona
  1.1 Seller's obligation to identify goods to contract
  1.2 Seller's obligation to make necessary carriage contracts
   1.2.1 Means of transportation appropriate to circumstances
   1.2.2 Terms usual for such transportation
  1.3 Seller's obligation to furnish buyer with necessary insurance information
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