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  If the seller is not bound to deliver the goods at any other particular place, his obligation to deliver consists:

(a) if the contract involves carriage of goods - in handing the goods over to the first carrier for transmission to the buyer;

(b) if, in cases not within the precedent subparagraph, the contract relates to specific goods, or unidentified goods to be drawn from a specific stock or to be manufactured or produced, and at the time of the conclusion of the contract the parties knew where the goods were at, or were to be manufactured or produced at, a particular place - in placing the goods at the buyer's disposal at that place;

(c) in other cases - in placing the goods at the buyer's disposal at the place where the seller had his place of business at the time of the conclusion of the contract.

# Cases
 1 Place and manner of delivery
  1.1 According to contract
   1.1.1 Incoterms
  1.2 According to Convention
   1.2.1 Seller's place of business
   1.2.2 In sales with carriage of goods
   1.2.3 In other cases
 2 Place of delivery and jurisdiction
Country # Cases  
Austria 1  
Belgium 2  
Denmark 1  
France 11  
Germany 10  
Date Court
23.02.1990 Oberlandesgericht Koblenz
14.05.1993 Landgericht Aachen
22.09.1995 Oberlandesgericht München
19.04.1996 Landgericht Aachen
11.12.1996 Bundesgerichtshof
08.01.1997 Oberlandesgericht Köln
05.11.1997 Oberlandesgericht Hamm
03.12.1999 Oberlandesgericht München
04.10.2002 Oberlandesgericht Koblenz
03.08.2005 Landgericht Neubrandeburg
Italy 10  
Netherlands 2  
Spain 1  
Switzerland 1  
Total: 54

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