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  (1) Until a contract is concluded an offer may be revoked if the revocation reaches the offeree before he has dispatched an acceptance.

(2) However, an offer cannot be revoked:

(a) if it indicates, whether by stating a fixed time for acceptance or otherwise, that it is irrevocable; or

(b) if it was reasonable for the offeree to rely on the offer as being irrevocable and the offeree has acted in reliance on the offer.

# Cases
 1 Revocation of offer
  1.1 Must reach offeree before dispatch of acceptance
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Germany 1  
Slovenia 1  
Date Court
09.04.2008 Ljubljana High Court
  1.2 Form of revocation
  1.3 Public offers
 2 Irrevocable offers
  2.1 Indications of irrevocability by offeror
   2.1.1 Explicit declaration of irrevocability
   2.1.2 Fixing definite time for acceptance
   2.1.3 Other statements or conduct of offeror
  2.2 Offeree's reliance on irrevocability of offer
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